Monday, April 27, 2009

Blogging the ESO at "Showcase" Concert

If I was a serious Music Reviewer for a mainstream media outlet, I would be somewhat guilty of being tardy at getting an article posted- an article that is to be a critique of sorts for the "Showcase" concert of the ESO. I got somewhat sidetracked by what is a timely discussion of the twittering at ESO Concerts in general. Being firmly entrenched in the media worlds of "old and present and new", my jury is still out on the decision whether tweeting is a mode that will be mainline or not. Being somewhat of a "Devil's Advocate"I emphasized that I was and still am quite sensitive to the feelings of adjacent patrons of the symphony and how they will accept the new technology becoming part of their entertainment experience. May I say right now that I prefer to leave that subject to those more experienced in"The art of Twitter" and be confident in the fact that it will all be solved in an amicable and rational fashion. Having grown up in the communications industry - my Dad was a telegrapher for the CPR; you know, the dots and dashes, and I spend more that fifty years in television and film production. All this gave me the experience and background in publicity and marketing.
Attending concerts is a very exciting and exhilarating experience for me. I prefer to
regard each performance as an example of what the orchestra and guest can and will do for the next and subsequent performances. I have lived by the saying that you are only as good as your last performance. We as bloggers and twitterers are publicists in kind. I believe our duty is to provide publicity about the upcoming performance by providing enthusiasm for the enjoyment we are about to experience. In the ESO, we are pretty well guaranteed of that enjoyment. The Showcase was just that - a display of what it is very capable of doing . Each and everyone of the players and guest artists excelled at their proficiency.

As I mentioned in previous blogs, I have been involved with the orchestra in various situations for many years. Sometime in the 80s, I was official photographer. Brian Priestman called me his "shadow" - every time he'd see me, I'd be seated somewhere withing the various sections, shooting. My musical background is diverse enough that I know I can, with good authority, comment on the ESO concerts.
An important item we should note in our programs is that a variety of sponsors have, over the years contributed to this great city by sponsoring our orchestra. Without their participation, our musical enjoyment would be somewhat lessened. There are too many to mention in this blog, therefore I urge you to take a moment to familiarize yourself with the sponsorship and in some way show your gratitude for their community service.
This could be a long blog entry this time so I am choosing to break in up into two separate writings. More comments will be forthcoming about the "Showcase in my next Blog, "Part Two - Showcase".


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